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Gaoan city's logistics co., LTD. Is a collection of various brand truck for sale,The truck car can mortgage into a service-oriented company,Have a lot of old customer in the truck industry,Also make more friends of all stripes,Laid a good reputation in customers and peers corporate image,The truck has long-term stable enough resources、All kinds of brand performance of freight information,Let you cool, customer demand for better satisfy is our aim!

For understand car cyclists are know vehicle price we put down as much as possible、This can be in local car driver、But such like reason is celebrating his gaoan logistics co., LTD:Igawa's logistics not only promised thirty percent down payment mortgages、Help......

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Gaoan city's logistics co., LTD

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Sales model:Single bridge、After eight rounds、The first four after four、After the first four of six、After the first four eight、A three、The three and a half to hang(The tablet、High hurdle、Closed compartments)、(Brands are liberated、The man、The dragon on the planet、Draco)Such as trucks as well(LiberationJSix、Calderon、The man、Valin、The dragon on the planet、)Such as dump truck,We sincerely welcome new and old customers to contact cooperation!......

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  • 102017-02

    What kind of car can't buy car

    A、Car accident on the traffic accident of vehicle components and of its framework can have different degrees of damage,Even if the owner tells you to do a complete maintenance don't presume to make moves。Due to car accident even do a complete repair of the Ann......

  • 102017-02

    L need to master the car trouble emergency maintenance skills

    New beginner taboo is overwhelmed,Similarly。Perhaps has taught in driving car trouble emergency maintenance processing skills,Such as change tire、Adding water、Add oil, etc。But the master some basic emergency......

  • 102017-02

    The novice semi-trailer matters needing attention when driving

    A、At the time of semi-trailer in emergency braking to timely open the double flash,On the back of the vehicle to prompt,To make it through the bypass to avoid the,To prevent accidental happening。If because of van semi-trailer、......

  • 132017-02

    Matters should be paid attention to pick up the car to buy a car

      Most of the newcomers to the car when the mood is very excited,In the mind always thinking of the finally have their own cars,But the important pick it ignores the program。Most car dealerships will not deliberately traps,But there will always be there......

  • 132017-02

    Dump truck while selecting a jacket that should pay attention to what problem?

    1、Must choose bucket carriage to transport large items;2、Carriage is greater than the length5.4M to pay special attention to the car when the center of gravity height and stability of the lifting;3、Can't use a coal car transport conditions。Coal is special......

  • 132017-02

    What's with the oil truck fine filter

    The oil filter is used to filter resistance in diameter0.001Mm above the tiny impurities,Because of its resistance to flow,So much for the shunt type,With the main oil passage in parallel。Fine filter for shunt centrifugal commonly。Figure2-5-11For......

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A few attention to teach you to buy truck more at ease

The truck in a large city,Although accounts for the main force position is car,But there are a lot of cargo trucks,For consumers want to buy this kind of car,Because of the market......

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