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Nanjing flying lifting equipment installation co., LTD is located in jiangning district, nanjing city,The registered capital100Ten thousand yuan,Service project:Nanjing equipment handling,Nanjing equipment hoisting,Nanjing hoisting installation,Nanjing hoisting co., LTD,Nanjing heavy lifting,Nanjing forklift rental,Nanjing crane rental,Nanjing transportation and handling,Nanjing rigger,Nanjing relocation move,Nanjing shift machine,Nanjing machine handling,Nanjing equipment loading and unloading,Nanjing displacement device,Nanjing hoisting handling,Nanjing platform lifting。At the same time we are nanjing crane rental company,Now has8T、16T、25T、35T、50T、70T、80T.100TEach automobile crane,And all kinds of lifting tool、Rigging、Sling、Gantry、Lifting platform、Handling air cushion and other equipment.Low price,The high quality service,Professional lifting handling tools,High quality service team,Always welcome you!Welcome to inquire to negotiate! We specialise in relocation moving relocation of equipment,Pipeline removal and installation,The removal of old factory equipment、Moving to a new factory of loading and unloading、Handling、Positioning、The installation,Safe and correct,In the eighteenth year of safety construction,Safe and correct,Don't delay the production,Restores former appearance。At the same time provide the tonnage forklift rental,Lorry-mounted crane rental,Lifting tool rental,Lifting workers to borrow。 We provide the size of the tonnage forklift rental...

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The name of the company:Nanjing flying lifting equipment installation co., LTD
Mobile phone number:18602502299 13404105458
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